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Minor Labor Law Complaint Application

Directions for Filing an Ohio Minor Labor Law Complaint

This form should be used to file a complaint for potential violations of Ohio's Minor Labor Law. The complaint can be filed by the minor, the minor's legal guardian, the minor's school district of residence or attendance or interested parties who believe they've witnessed a minor labor law violation.

Reasons For Filing a Complaint:
  1. Hazardous or Prohibited Occupations
  2. Not Receiving Rest Periods (Breaks)
  3. Working During Restricted Hours
  4. Lack of Work Permit or Wage Agreement

Completing a Minor Labor Law Complaint:

Read all questions on the complaint form carefully before answering. Please fill out the complaint completely and as accurately as possible.

Provide the minor's name, the minor's date of birth (if available), the name of employer, correct address of the employer and the employer's telephone number.

If you are unsure of the information that is being requested, please mark the fields "NA". Also, you must give a summary of your purpose for filing the complaint in the "Comments" section. Failure to do so will prohibit the submission of the complaint.


Please have all of your information readily available before beginning the complaint process. Note that this online complaint system allows 30 minutes to complete each page of this form. Once you have reached that time limit, any information that you've submitted will be deleted and the session will timeout.
You may extend the time on each page by clicking on "Next" or "Previous" or by refreshing the page.